How many people do the campervans sleep?

We have campers to suit 2 and 4 people. Our 4 berth vans are ideal of 2 adults and 2 children. 

Do the campervans have heaters?

They sure do! All our campers have heaters in the living area. We also have air conditioning in one of our campers, should you need it too!

Do your campervans take pets?

We are happy to have certain types of pets in our campervans and have 2 pet friendly vehicles so you don’t have to leave your pal behind. However, we ask that you get in touch with us prior to booking to make sure your 4 legged friend meets our requirements and that our dedicated campervan is available.

Do your campervans have bedding?

We do not provide bedding as standard in our vans. However, if you wish for us to do so, please get in touch with us prior to booking and we will try and accommodate your needs. 

Are we insured when we hire a Now Where Camper?

You bet. Each hire includes fully comprehensive insurance for one driver. Additional drivers can be added to the insurance for just £10 per day as long as they meet the criteria. i.e between 23-75 years of age and have held a licence for at least 2 years with no more than 6 points. 

Does your insurance cover personal belongings?

No I'm afraid not. We recommend you take out additional insurance for your belongings. 

What happens if I break down with the campervan?

All our campervans are regularly checked, serviced and MOT'd so this is very unlikely to happen, however, on the off chance that you were to break down you are fully covered with our roadside breakdown service who will assist you and get you back on the raod as quickly as possible. All we ask is that you contact us immediately priot to agreeing any repairs. 

Will I be shown a demonstration of how the campervan works?

Of course! on arrival we will walk you through how to use the van and give you all the information you need to get you on your way. We then send you a follow up document which covers everything we have shown you.

Is there a mileage limit?

No - we offer unlimited mileage for you to trave as far around the UK as you wish. 

Can we take the campervan outside the UK?

There is the option to take our campers further afield. However, we ask that if you are planning to leave the UK as part of your trip, you get in touch to tell us your plans so we can give you the best advise on the next steps. 

Are there toilets in the campervans?

We offer portable toilets at a small extra fee and these are then yours to keep. for future adventures  

Do you provide any discounts for camping and caravan sites whilst on hire?

Yes indeed! All of our Campers are members of the Camping and Caravanning Club. This means you are eligible for a discount on your campsite fees and access to sites that only allow members to stay. We can provide you with the details when you book your camper. 

What is your cancellation policy?

We strongly advise that you take out your own insurance against unavoidable cancellation. 

The following will apply should you cancel: 
• 6+ weeks your 25% deposit will be retained. 
• 4-6 weeks before your departure date, the 50% of the total amount will be non refundable.
• 2-4 weeks before your departure date, cancellation charge is 75% of the total cost.
• Cancellation made less than 2 weeks before your collection date , cancellation charge is 100% of total cost.

We reserve the right to cancel your booking should you not meet the following criteria: 
1. Failure to pay in full 28 days before your departure.
2. If any information you have provided us at point of booking is incorrect or invalid. e.g. Drivers licence number. 
3. When collecting a vehicle, the documentation doesn't match the booking details you provided. 

Do your campervans have wifi?

Our campers don't come with wifi. However you can connect via bluetooth to the sound system for navigation and music. 

Do your campervans have bike racks?

Bike racks are available as an extra on request and subject to availability.

Can I leave my car with you whilst we are in your camper?

Absolutely! We have plenty of space for you to leave your car at our HQ whilst you go off on your adventures. Please note, our insurance does not cover your personal vehicle whilst you are away. 

How does the power and camper charging work?

Your camper has 2 sources of power, the leisure battery (back up power when not connected to mains) and the vehicle battery. It also has a power port where you can plug your camper in to electric hook ups at campsites to power and charge your leisure battery.

Your leisure battery means you can run the fridge/freezer, usb ports and lights (essentially everything except plug sockets) without being 'plugged in'. 

Your leisure battery charges via the solar panel on the camper roof and every time you drive and takes roughly 30-40 minutes to be fully charged. 

You can also charge your leisure battery, and source alternative electricity for your plug sockets, using the electric hook up cable we provide in all our campers. This can be plugged in at most campsites if you've booked an electric hook up pitch (EHU). We also provide a plug adapter on request, meaning you can plug into alternative power sockets too.

Your fridge/freezer will use the most power in the camper, but assuming you are using this and you not travelling/charging in-between you can expect around 48hrs out of your vehicle battery. 


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